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      He stood looking at her under his knit brows in silence. What could he say? She laughed hysterically.

      Bareheaded the uncle crossed the fountained court, sat down at a table and read again. In the veranda a negro, his own slave, hired to this hotel, held up an elegant military cap, struck an inquiring attitude, and called softly, "Gen'al?"Why? My dear child, how can you ask? Lord Trafford is the best parti in London. He is not only the Marquis of Trafford, but he will be the Duke of Belfayre. The dukedom is one of the oldest in England. Belfayre is one of the most magnificent places in Europein the world! My dear Esmeralda, you have done splendidly! I am proud of you!

      He groaned in his anguish.

      And who is that next to him, the thin young man with the long hair? asked Esmeralda.Will you hold my bouquet a moment, Lord Trafford? said Lady Ada; I have torn my dress.

      I thought you were looking thinner andand, well, not as you usually look.


      "I'd make you take it," she protested as Flora pinned it on, "if I hadn't thrown it away."



      The party was already beginning to disperse when Esmeralda re-entered the drawing-room, and as the guests made their adieus they one and all spoke of the delightful evening[231] they had spent, and congratulated the marchioness upon her brilliant dinner-party.Normans voice roused her.