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      Connected with screw dies, there are various problems, such as clearance behind the cutting edge; whether an odd or even number of edges are best; how many threads require to be bevelled at the starting point; and many other matters about which there are no determined rules. The diversity of opinion that will be met with on these points, and in reference to taps, the form of screw-threads, and so on, will convince a learner of the intricacies in this apparently simple matter of cutting screw-threads.

      To exert a powerful force acting through but a short distance, percussive devices are much more effective and simple than those acting by maintained or direct pressure. A hammer-head may give a blow equal to many tons by its momentum, and absorb the reactive force which is equal to the blow; but if an equal force was to be exerted by screws, levers, or hydraulic apparatus, we can easily see that an abutment would be required to withstand the reactive force, and that such an abutment would require a strength perhaps beyond what ingenuity could devise.

      "I see, I see," the Countess replied. "If we could only scheme some plan----""Did Countess Lalage allude to it this morning?" he asked.

      "Which is probably where he is now," remarked Gregg, with a slight bantering note in his voice.

      An excellent plan to retain what is learned, is to make notes. There is nothing will assist the memory more in learning mechanics than to write down facts as they are learned, even if such memoranda are never referred to after they are made.

      Owing to this difference in the manner of guiding and supporting the cutting edges, and the advantages of an axial support for tools in boring, it becomes an operation by which the most accurate dimensions are attainable, while drilling is a comparatively imperfect operation; yet the ordinary conditions of machine fitting are such that nearly all small holes can be drilled with sufficient accuracy.

      "H'm, yeschemical actiontonics. People get run down, and I have to give them something to stimulate the system."


      "Again, it is a little strange that I have already built a romance round the Corner House before the heroine came along. I told you once that I had known the owner of the Corner House before the tragedy. I had my heroine and I had my plot. A plot of vengeance and wounded pride.


      General engineering work cannot consist in the production of duplicate pieces, nor in operations performed constantly in the same manner as in ordinary manufacturing; hence there has been much effort expended in adapting machines to general purposesmachines, which seldom avoid the objections of combination, pointed out in a previous chapter."Very well," she said, "I'll come up for a moment. I'm not going far, and I shall not be a long time away. If there is a crisis in the case----"