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      "My gracious!" said Si, as soon as he was wide enough awake to understand the Orderly-Sergeant's words, "is it possible that we're going to have plenty of hardtack and pork and coffee again? Seems to me a hundred years since we drew a full ration."

      And let me add, that I believe there are many troubled consciences who would find great assistance in their difficulties if they acted more on the advice of the Communion Service. It is a hard thing to bear a burden alone, and I am thoroughly persuaded there are many who might find great help under serious and painful difficulties from the confidential opening of the hearts wound to a clergyman or Christian p. 66friend. I have known many such cases, and I believe that our just dread of the Romish confessionaland no one can dread it more than I docombined with our national shyness of character, cuts off many from that which might be an important help to them in their anxious struggle for the peace of God."I told you not to worry," he said sheepishly.

      So when a fat pig came wabbling and grunting toward his post, it was to Si like a vision of manna to the children of Israel in the wilderness. A wild, uncontrollable desire to taste a fresh spare-rib took possession of him. Naturally, his first idea was to send a bullet through the animal, but on second thought he saw that wouldn't do at all. It would "give him away" at once, and, besides, he had found that a single shot on the picket-line would keep Buell's entire army in line-of-battle for a whole day.

      "I just wrote: 'Levi Rosenbaum, Memphis, Tenn. Merchant. No charge.'

      But Shorty was already fast asleep. Si spooned up to him and was soon, in his dreams, away up in Posey County."No," said Si decisively. "I'm your superior officer, and it's my privilege to have the first shy at him. I'll 'tend to him. I want a chance singlehanded at a man that talks that way. You take care of Rosenbaum."


      "My dear! ... Did you think I was going to store you among the potatoes?"



      "I don't care so much about convicting Riever so long as we raise a sufficient doubt to make a jury afraid to convict you!"