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      Oh! Im all right, barring a little stiffness, he replied; and that will go off in a day or two. Everybody has been awfully good to me; and as for Mother MelindaI hope she doesnt mind being called Mother Melinda?They had reached the shrubbery by this time, and were hurrying along a winding walk where the rain reached them with less violence. The narrow walk brought them on to a broad terrace in front of the house. Lostwithiel opened a half-glass door, and led Mrs. Disney into the library, a long, low room, full of curious nooks and corners, formed by two massive chimney-pieces, and by the projecting wings of the heavy oak bookcases. Isola had never seen any room so filled with books, nor had she ever seen a room with two such chimney-pieces, of statuary marble, yellowed with age, elaborately carved with cherubic heads, and Cupids, and torches and festal wreaths, bows and arrows, lyres and urns.

      I dont know; I believe so! said Trafford. I know nothing of Miss Chetwynde; and I only talked with her for a few minutes. I didnt ask her if she possessed two millions.

      Apropos, exclaimed Mme. de Fontenay; have not you begun her portrait?"I think we are that already, John," she answered shyly; and then, nestling by his side as they sat in the wide solitude of that stupendous pile, she took his hand and held it in both her own, looking down at it wonderinglya well-formed hand, strong and muscular, broadened a little by seafaring.

      "I'm afraid you are not enjoying your dinner."



      Its all right, Ralda. The bullet was in his calf. Here it is. He held it out between his finger and thumb.