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      I hope Trafford has not tired you, my dear! he said. Come and tell me what you have seen. And he motioned her to a chair beside him.

      Love's war was declared. From hour to hour of that night and the next morning, in bed, at board, dressing for the thronged city, spinning with Constance and Miranda up Love Street across Piety and Desire and on into the town's centre, Anna, outwardly all peace, planned that war's defensive strategy. Splendidly maidenly it should be, harrowingly arduous to the proud invader, and long drawn out. Constance should see what a man can be put through. But oh, but oh, if, after all, the invasion should not come!"Women," said the girl of stamina beamingly, and went floating about, peering and tapping for hollow places. At one tap her eye, all to itself, danced; but on the instant Anna, uninformed of their presence, and entering with a vase of fresh roses, stood elated. Praise of the flowers hid all confusion, and Flora, with laughing caresses and a droll hardihood which Anna always enjoyed, declared she would gladly steal roses, garden, house and all. Anna withdrew, promising instant return.

      She laughed discordantly. The laugh struck him like the cut[238] of a whip. He stood looking at her, his breath coming fast and thickly; then, with set lips, he walked to the door. With his hand upon the handle, he looked over his shoulder at hera long and lingering look in which a mans agony was expressed. Then he went out and the door closed upon him.

      It was Esmeraldaor her ghost!The color was coming back to Esmeraldas face. She looked at Trafford appealingly; but before she could speak, Norman again came to her rescue.

      How many? asked Varley, with his mouth almost at Bills ear.

      Shall I? she said.Norman!


      Esmeralda left him presently, nodding his head and talking softly to himself, and went to her own room. The prospect of that nights dinner irritated and annoyed her. The great crowd would come to stare at her and whisper about her wealth and her luck in marrying a marquis, and she would have to go about among them and talk and smilesmile though her heart was breaking. She moved about the room restlessly for a time, then went into the garden, carefully avoiding crossing the terrace where Trafford and Ada were talking, and suddenly came upon Norman lying full length in the shade of a bay-tree. A tennis racket was by his side, and a straw hat tilted over his eyes. He heard her step, and sprung to his feet with a sigh of relief.



      He is in England, she said, almost inaudibly.