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      Shorty grumbled: "That means a tough day's work pryin' wagons out of the mud, and restin' ourselves between times runnin' after a lot o' skippin', cavortin' cavalry that's about as easy to ketch as a half-bushel o' fleas. Anything I hate it's rebel cavalry58 all tear-around and yell, and when you git ready to shoot they're on the other side o' the hill."

      "I won't meet you outside. It would double the risk for the two of us to try to get into the house together. Listen! Make your way over the fields without going near the road. Give the negro cabin a wide berth. When you are abreast of the big house strike for the evergreen hedge that bounds that side of the grounds. You'll find a gap in it, broken by the wind. You know how the porch runs around three sides of the main building. At the end of the porch on that side there's a rough clump of mock orange bushes. Behind the bushes you'll find a way into the cellar. That's how I go and come. I'll be waiting for you in the cellar. Or if I'm not there wait till I come."

      "Mr. Corveth, I trust you have taken thought of what you are saying. You have had every opportunity to present your case."

      V2 axemen were already at work, when they were stopped by some officers who had not lost their wits."Be careful! Oh, be careful!"

      Pen however only said: "I'm surprised to see you on foot this afternoon."



      At the door of his room she kissed him, and gave him a push inside. She flew across to her own room and let herself in."Well, I fancy a woman's idea of justice differs from a man's. To kill for killing gets us nowhere."


      Pen arose briskly. "Run along," she commanded. "When you come back perhaps you'll stay to supper." She had not intended to ask him. It was surprised out of her. It surprised her father too. "Was that necessary?" his elevated eyebrows asked. He did not like this young man as well as he had in the beginning.