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      I can tell you that! he replied, not without a touch of pride; hes my masters guest, and Ive been with him all day, first at market and then in the boathe and no other is Lycon the Athenian.

      The traditions of the Ursulines are full of the virtues of Madame de la Peltrie,her humility, her charity, her penances, and her acts of mortification. No doubt, with some little allowance, these 187 traditions are true; but there is more of reason than of uncharitableness in the belief, that her zeal would have been less ardent and sustained, if it had had fewer spectators. She was now fairly committed to the conventual life, her enthusiasm was kept within prescribed bounds, and she was no longer mistress of her own movements. On the one hand, she was anxious to accumulate merits against the Day of Judgment; and, on the other, she had a keen appreciation of the applause which the sacrifice of her fortune and her acts of piety had gained for her. Mortal vanity takes many shapes. Sometimes it arrays itself in silk and jewels; sometimes it walks in sackcloth, and speaks the language of self-abasement. In the convent, as in the world, the fair devotee thirsted for admiration. The halo of saintship glittered in her eyes like a diamond crown, and she aspired to outshine her sisters in humility. She was as sincere as Simeon Stylites on his column; and, like him, found encouragement and comfort in the gazing and wondering eyes below. [24]

      * Lettre de Ragueneau au R. P. Provincial, 9 Ao?t, 1657"Sorcerers always talk in that way," was the reply.

      By the Graces! he exclaimed, she is a living human flower.Doris stared at her in open-mouthed amazement; the empty hydria she had taken dropped from her hand and broke with a rattling noise on the tiled floor.

      [6] Considerations for the Plantation in New England.See Hutchinson, Collection, 27. Mr. Savage thinks that this paper was by Winthrop. See Savage's Winthrop. I. 360, note.


      [13] Lettre du P. Paul Ragueneau au T. R. P. Vincent Carafa, Gnral de la Compagnie de Jsus Rome, Sainte Marie aux Hurons, 1 Mars, 1649 (Carayon).


      Yet something must be done. The fugitive must be retaken and retained, the rival deported, and, oh, Hilary Kincaid! as she recalled her last moment with you on that firing-line behind Vicksburg, shame and rage outgrew despair, and her heart beat hot in a passion of chagrin and then hotter, heart and brain, in a frenzy of ownership, as if by spending herself she had bought you, soul and body, and if only for self-vindication would have you from all the universe.