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      "Good-by, boys. God bless you. Take care of yourselves. Be good boys. Come home safe after the war.""If he tries to come in...?"

      "That is all right, boys. Don't shoot. I'm a friend," he called in a strong German accent."If ye mean loil to that rail-splittin' gorilla in Washington," replied the master, hotly; "to that low-down, nigger-lovin', nigger-stealin'"

      "I couldn't!" she murmured.

      Capt. McGillicuddy listened very gravely to their story.

      "Sartin, gentlemen; sarch my wagon, if you don't take my word. I only wish I knowed whar thar wuz some whisky. I'd walk 20 miles in the rain t' git one little flask fur my ole woman and myself. I tell you, thar haint a drap t' be found in the hull Duck River Valley. 'Stilleries all burnt, I tell you." And in the earnestness of his protestations he sprayed his team,171 himself, and the neighboring weeds with liquid tobacco.

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      What Do You See, Shorty?' 33


      "Halt!" shouted a chorus of voices. "ShoulderArms!" "OrderArms!"