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      "I'm rather sorry we accepted the Glenaveril invitation," he said to Isola. "The man is such an unmitigated cad."

      He was the Three Star postman.

      "Sorry! No! I am gladglad with all my heart. I have waited for that."

      Esmeralda looked at him indignantly, and opened her lips; but Varley cut in before she could utter an indignant protest.

      Idly exploring the contents of the secretaire in the drawing-room one day, Martin Disney found the telegraphic message which his wife had writtenand left unsentbefore the Hunt Ball.



      The hectic bloom had faded from her cheeks and left them ashy pale. Her eyes seemed almost starting from her head, straining their gaze as if to penetrate the deepening shadows on the landing beyond the half-open door.