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      "Sossiges," he whispered, and ran down the passage to the kitchen.

      "But if they are," Willis said, "the man in the street is going to lose a lot of other thingsthings dependent on our shipments."

      "Alright," said Si. "Look out for little Pete." And Si began to forge stolidly ahead.

      "Very well, mum. Knowed him almost as well as if he was my own brother."

      "Yes. Let's talk to the conductor and engineer."



      He kept his body motionless, but in his heart strange things were moving. That hatred which had run through him like a knife just before he lost consciousness in the battle of Boarzell, suddenly revived and stabbed him again. It was no longer without focus, and it was no longer without purpose. Boarzell ... the name seemed to dance before him in letters of fire and blood. He was suffering for Boarzellhis father had not been robbed, for his father did not care, but he, Reuben, had been robbedand he had fought for Boarzell on Boarzell, and now he was bearing shame and pain for Boarzell. Somehow he had never till this day, till this moment, been so irrevocably bound to the land he had played on as a child, on which he had driven his father's cattle, which had broken with its crest the sky he gazed on from his little bed. Boarzell was his, and at the same time he hated Boarzell. For some strange reason he hated it as much as those who had taken it from him and as those who were punishing him because of it. He wanted to tame it, as a man tames a bull, with a ring in its nose."I have represented to Headquarters, therefore," continued the General, "that it would be to the advantage of the service to have this fine full regiment sent to the front, and its place taken by one that has been run down by hard service, and so get a chance for it to rest and recruit. The General has accepted my views, and orders me to have you get ready to move at once."


      "Officer nothin'. You can't play that on us," said Si. "Halt, there, boys, and stand fast."