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      "I can't help wishing I could be a Papist just for that one day," she said lightly. "An Anglican marriage seems so dry and cold compared with the pomps and splendours of Rome."

      Lord Norman loved her! It seemed so strange! Why, he had only seen her a few days ago! What should she say to him? She had said No last night, and had forbidden him to follow her. Would he think it very unkind of her? Would he go away? She asked herself if she should be sorry if he did goif she should never see him againand she was too innocent to know that if she had loved Lord Norman as he loved her she would not have had to ask herself the question."Your last question is the only one that I can answer," he said, at length,"let us wait. There are many things to be considered. In the first place the poison only hastened the death that was certain to come soon, anyway."

      You wouldnt find it. Go back into the dining-roombut dont have any more champagne, said Trafford, and he laughed."Is that a flirtation?" she asked Captain Morshead, glancing in the direction of the ante-room where those two were sitting, as she and Isola's cast-off partner waltzed past the muslin-draped doorway.




      "Six monthsperhaps a year, before he can come back, and I am to go on living herealone, unless I like to send for a girl whose face I hardly know, to keep me company, and cheer me with her good spirits. I want no strange girls. I want no one's good spirits. I hate people with good spirits. I want him, and nobody but him! It is hard that we should be parted like this. I ought to have gone with him, in spite of all the doctors in Christendom."